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Empowerment and funding for smart business ideas

AYEEN was conceived to effectively affect the business space and entrepreneurial minds of young Nigerians. The conception has led to the identification of viable business ideas, start-ups and existing businesses which have been generously aided with grants, business mentorship and coaching. The peculiarity of AYEEN 2017 is that, there will be no ultimate winner rather a thousand people will walk away with various degrees of prizes and awards.


AYEEN Testimonial Record

Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria commenced in 2014 and has received accolades since it has garnered over 10,000 young entrepreneurs, stakeholders, government officials, captains of industries and other guests in the last two years. The Web Business Campaign was the platform that boosted entrepreneurs to be reached by angel investors, venture capitalists as they presented their business pitch.

Specialised skills scholarship for entrepreneurs

AYEEN 2017 will hit the airwaves in a more vast and diverse way, it will be a Pan-Nigerian programme as the 6 geo-political zones (Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu & Borno) are being taken into focus. Auditions will take place in these states as we hope to attract about 100,000 participants thereby empowering 1,000 businesses with grants, facilitated loans, business equipment, specialised skills scholarship and others.


Empowering & Showcasing Nigerian Entrepreneurs

There will be a thirteen episode entrepreneurial reality show that promises to be educative, informative yet entertaining. It will cut across the teeming youth aged 18 to 45 years pitching their ideas and businesses before a well sort out panel of judges. The businesses will cut across the various sectors of the economy: transportation, technology, commodity goods, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, waste management and so much more.

Empowering & Showcasing Nigerian Entrepreneurs

Testimonial Video

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Governor Shetima, the Executive Governor of Borno State highlights reason why you should register and participate in the upcoming AYEEN 2017

The organizer will not take any equity from the businesses.

Winners would be awarded their prizes without any stake for the organizers. Although, the business owners and businesses will be duly monitored for a period of one year.

Useful info

  • Start-ups, existing businesses and viable ideas that have economic benefits can apply for AYEEN 2017
  • Past beneficiaries from previous programmes are free to participate.
  • You have to be a Nigerian resident in any part of the country to participate. All sectors and industries are welcomed.